Our students Spirited & Confident

we nurture students’ intellectual curiosity and creativity. Students are encouraged to advance their own critical thinking and set of values based on global mindedness and appreciation of others.

About us

St. George School is an English Medium co-educational and C.B.S.E. affiliated institution. It is managed by St George Institute of education, a society
consisting of educationists, philanthropists and eminent personalities. It aims at developing mental and physical development of each child. It is our
commitment to turn out from the portals of St.George School, well balanced, integrated personalities, with an amalgamation of the east and the
west. The school intends to set optimism in its students so that they learn & acquire the positive traits of life as how to learn, anywhere, anytime
thus enriching their skills continuously.


Our vision is to be an educational institution which develops human resource for the society, the state and the country. Our vision is to create good citizens. Through our institutions we shall inculcate in students all round development through excellence in education which in turn will make them disciplined, spiritually and psychologically string physically developed and overall a good human being human being who is concerned about one’s environment.

Our Mission

To provide value based learning, team spirit and patriotism which will make them responsible citizens.
To develop mental, intellectual and aesthetic sense with the help of curricular and co-curricular activities.
To make the students the traditional Indian values along with scientific and technologies ideas.
To inculcate in the student a sense of respect and discipline.
To develop empowered individuals with self- confidence and critical thinking enabling them to face life,
whatever it may bring.
To impart education to all at an economic fee structure.
Impart student friendly, stress-free and value based learning experience.

Our Core Team

Mr. R.R. Khanna

Mr. Chhalesh Chand

Kshitij Khanna

Mrs. Bula Chakaborty
Academic Director